Welding smoke extractor



Designed for welding fume and grinding dust capture applications


The AIR-O-PULSE portable filter unit is a compact, high efficiency cartridge dust collector designed 
to capture and filter welding fume and light sanding / polishing dust. 
Usually the unit is fitted with a top mounted capture arm (also called AIR-O-TUBE with a hood 
to be positioned close to the source of contaminants. 
The high efficiency cartridge recycles the filtered smoke from welding application in the installation 
(NOTE: Continuous welding on stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel requires
 the addition of a HEPA filter and carbon filter activated after the main MERV 15 filter. 
Consult your local health agency representative or contact Airomax for more information.



Each filtration unit includind;

High performance blower of 2,220 CFM free air

Performance of 1,000 CFM 5'' of static pressure.

Control panel with indicator light

Pressure gauge and ON / OFF switch with indicator light

Powder coated steel cabinet

Component access doors (filters and fan)

Aluminum spark filter MERV 15 High Efficiency

Pleated Main Filter


1.5 HP 115/1/60 direct drive motor with blower

15 'electrical cable with three (3) pin plug Pressure gauge and ON / OFF switch with indicator light Two

(2) fixed casters and two (2) with foot brakes

Grab handles for moving the unit to the workstation

Clean air outlet diffuser and removable dust drawer

Pulsation cartridge cleaning system

6 '' x 10 'AIR-O-TUBE collection arm

(the unit can also be ducted and act as a dust collector)


         Options available:

                     Hood mounted LED lighting kit and / or fan ON / OFF switch

                    (a different starter will be required on the unit for the above option)

                    Activated carbon and HEPA filter.

                   7 feet long capture arm.

                   Made in Canada.












* Caution; Do not breathe explosive dust or explosive vapors into this device.

Risk of explosion: Do not mix different types of dust in the device,

Clean the device and filters if you change the type of dust.

If in doubt, contact Airomax for the application of security measures related to this device.



514-567-OMAX (6629)